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To support local animal shelters and veterinarian clinics in their efforts to provide the best care to animals.


The animal welfare branch of the Ian & Rochelle Laing Family Foundation supports Manitoba shelters and rescues as well as veterinary practices which aid these shelters and rescues and/or provide subsidized or free aid.


Having two nieces with rescue dogs and a passion for animal welfare, Ian and Rochelle decided to adopt a rescue animal of their own. Ian and Rochelle took in a fluffy cat named Pekoe, who quickly became a prominent and beloved member of their family. With age, Pekoe began to expertience health issues and it was then that Ian and Rochelle decided to form a way in which their local shelters and rescues could seek assistance.

The animal welfare branch of the Ian and Rochelle Laing Family Foundation is focused on supporting the needs of shelters and rescues who may be experiencing hardships. Through various grant options, shelters and rescues can apply for financial support to go towards things such as shelter expansion, food supplies, healthcare, etc. If a shelter or rescue is in dire need, an emergency occurs, or a charity event is being hosted, organizations have the options of seeking donations.

Veterinarian clinics are also included in the grant and donation process. Clinics can apply for funding to help subsidize the costs of operating procedures, spay and neuter, and vaccinations.

The board is lucky to have a practicing Veterinary Technician on their team for oversight of all operations, procedures, and finances. The board understands that our animals are often more than pets, they are family. To be able to help support and spread the love is what Ian and Rochelle are truly passionate about being able to do.

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Dog in a Window
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Water Birds
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To provide scholarship support for scholastic endeavors and those who display academic excellence and potential for future growth.


The purpose of the education branch of the Ian and Rochelle Laing Family Foundation is to provide opportunities for students to continue with their pursuits of education by providing them with scholarship opportunities.


Education is the foundation by which we grow, unfortunately, not everyone is given this opportunity. Ian and Rochelle Laing wish to help change this by providing academically successful students with the opportunity to continue pursuing their education.

Through education, dedication, and hard work, Ian and Rochelle were able to propel a hobby into a successful business. Now they wish to provide this same kind of foundation to students who show great leadership abilities and academic excellence so that they may one day be able to succeed and share their success with others.

Being able to pass on a legacy for the growth of the future generations is something Ian and Rochelle truly care about. Having watched their two millennial generation nieces pursue their dreams and achieve higher education, they know first hand the hardships and obstacles that present students today as well as the reward and return education offers.

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Smiling College Students
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To provide support to organizations helping veterans in their battle to overcome PTSD.


The veteran's branch of the Ian and Rochelle Laing Family Foundation is for providing support to organizations which help returned soldiers properly and effectively cope with PTSD.


The care and well-being of those who have put their lives on the line to protect Canadians is something that is not only important to both Ian and Rochelle, but is something that is near and dear to their hearts.

Having experienced the loss of a close friend to suicide, Ian and Rochelle know all too well the effects PTSD can have on veterans. Not only does it take a toll on the person, but on family and friends as well. PTSD takes hold of the mind and effects the spirit and body. Without proper help and support, it can lead to tragic endings.

Still relatively taboo, there continues to be a debate as to whether or not mental health is a real issue. Ian and Rochelle aspire to provide mental health support wherever needed. They hope that by supporting local initiatives, they will be able to help those that worked to help us. They wish nothing more than to see those struggling, receive the care they need and truly respect and honour all those who serve our country.

Veteran Memorial Service
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Boot Camp
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Young Policewoman
Army Medals
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To empower women who have faced hardship move forward to a better future.


The women's initiative branch of the Ian and Rochelle Laing Family Foundation is to provide support and opportunities to women who have faced hardship and are in need of aid to move forward to create a better future.


It is an unfortunate truth that women experience higher rates of abuse than men. This abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above and can severely hinder an individual's chances of moving forward towards an independent and stable life.

However, through the right support, women who face these hardships can start to move forward in creating a healthy and prosperous life. The Ian and Rochelle Laing Family Foundation strongly supports helping women move forward and achieve their goals independent of abuse.

Through a scholarship initiative, the Ian and Rochelle Laing Family Foundation looks to provide women who have faced hardships, the opportunity to achieve higher education so that they can work towards an independent and prosperous future. Education is something that can never be taken away from someone and can act as a building block from which to grow. Like the beautiful flowers that all women are, regardless of the weather they've faced, they all deserve to feel the sun and grow strong.

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